Interview with Amara and guided movement session

by amara pagano on 2016-02-21

Watch this video interview with Amara and find out how movement helps us anchor into the present moment and connect to our higher self…

…and enjoy a 20 minute Azul guided movement session

Both the video interview and this online session are part of the BODY INTELLIGENCE SUMMIT, a free online event featuring scientists, coaches, dance facilitators and health experts who share how to access new levels of vitality and become more deeply embodied. For more information, please visit  BODYINTELLIGENCESUMMIT.COM. This recordings are a copyright of the SHIFT NETWORK. All rights reserved.


The AZUL Trilogy

by amara pagano on 2015-06-10

The map of Azul is articulated in three modules that use a psycho-spiritual approach to deepen self-knowledge and personal transformation. Each module offers an immersion 
Azul trilogy 3 colors
 The map of Azul is articulated in three modules that use a psycho-spiritual wledge and
The map of Azul is articulated in three modules that use a psycho-spiritual approach to deepen self-knowledge and personal transformation. Each module offers an immersion experience in a 6-day retreat. See how the Trilogy was designed to support you in aligning with your deepest potential.

Six Doorways to Love
  This module covers the six core values that, when embodied, awaken love:  honesty, self-responsibility, kindness, dedication, beauty and service. They point us towards redirecting the vectors of our will to serve the greater good and illuminate the shadows we carry, engaging a deep process of healing through movement.



image-7Three Portals of Healing  This module addresses the three main portals for healing: Mother, Father and God. Inside each portal are the keys to unravel the knots that bind us. Working with movement allows us to contact the source of our pain, understand our biography and clear our emotional body.  The result is a greater flow with life where our gifts and talents are at the service of love.




Integrating Lower & Higher Self  This module deals directly with the conditioned mind, unveiling the masks that were built to protect us, but inevitably have led to our suffering. Seeing with the eyes of honesty Who We Are and How We Move lifts the veil and frees us to live from our higher self.


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The Trilogy is offered in several locations in North and South America, Europe and Australia. The modules are not designed to be taken in sequential order and can be taken in the way that best fits your needs. The  Trilogy is a requirement for the Azul™ Teacher Training beginning November 2016.


More information about the Azul Trilogy upcoming retreats:



Awakening Love – new beginnings- Olympia

by amara pagano on 2015-03-29

“Awakening Love” 2015 – it begins

The first “Awakening Love” workshop for 2015 was in Olympia WA.

Having emerged from 12 days of silence into the realities of Delhi, flying and all things American, diving in the waters of Awakening Love was quite a relief!

The images below held us through the openings from bud to blossom. The quote sparking a deeper contemplation of the costs when we do not love.

“A lack of love is synonymous with revenge. Revenge is a combination of wrath, fear and pride. One of the most common ways of taking revenge is by closing yourself off to others and beginning to deny them your love. You often do this passively by simply isolating yourself, which can set off a process of self-destruction. The energy of revenge turns against oneself in the form of illnesses, failures, accidents and a series of negative situations. When this destructive energy is not externalized due to social and moral codes, it turns into self-hatred and self-punishment.”

Now in Europe for 3 months of “Awakening Love”.  Salzburg and Munich in the next few weeks.

Dancing and stretching into the possibility, learning and growing together. Comprehending our spiritual reality and shining the flashlight in forgotten corners of our Being.

May we remember who we truly are …

Awakening Love Olympia Bud 2

Awakening Love Olympia Blossom 2


Threshold of a New Year

January 19, 2015

  Threshold was unbelievable! I am in utter gratitude and awe for all who gathered. The energy present revealed what an amazing year we will live into. The grace and courage shown, truly inspirational. Thank you to Ann Kite for being the gateway holder to help us usher in the new year with such integrity. […]

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November 30, 2014

I feel the beginning of several threads coming together in me and look forward to exploring them in movement at THRESHOLD New Years workshop to be held Dec 31- Jan 3 in Charlottesville. But first a big thank you to Matias Damiani for these beautiful photos (above and below) from Buenos Aires. It is not easy to capture the spirit […]

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